Giannelli Management & Development Corp. offers the finest in top quality Modular and/or Site-Built homes to fit your budget, featuring a complete line of Capes, Ranches, split Entry's, Colonials, Contemporaries, as well as a variety of Multi-Family dwellings.

All Homes are economically priced with standard floor plans and specification or we will custom design your home to meet your specification.

A Drop-Ship Package is offered, whereby we deliver the home to your lot and place on a foundation provided by you and you may complete said process or alternatively see next line.

A Turn-Key Package is offered whereby Giannelli Management & Development Corp., if contracted, will clear and grub the land; excavate for sewer, water and complete the site work as may be required, including foundation and concrete floors, curb openings, paving, decks, and the like.

Upon Delivery of the modular, GM&D Corp. will complete the interior/exterior of the home (button up) and prepare the home for occupancy.

Engineered Building and Foundation Plans are part of the package offered when you order your Quality Build Modular Home as well as the building permits.

Site Evaluation Assistance is available to determine the conformity requirements of your lot and whether a local Board of Appeal or other governing Boards may require a public hearing before granting permission to build on your site.

Modular Construction has many benefits versus site-built construction.

  • Modular Homes are manufactured and constructed in a temperature-controlled indoor environment, year-round, therefore quality does not suffer due to weather conditions.

  • Each Phase of Construction is uniformly performed by a work forcefully licensed, experience, and consistent in their particular phase of construction, from framing to plumbing and electrical to finish carpentry.

  • Modular Home and Site Preparation are simultaneously taking place, therefore, under normal conditions, the house could be sitting on the foundation within four to six weeks, ready for final button-up (add 3-4 weeks to complete, more or less).

  • Site-Built construction requires materials to be delivered to site whereby they are not only exposed to weather but to 'loss' due to damage, theft, etc.

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